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Variations Book News!

So, the first round of Beta readers has Variations (that's what the second book is called!) Then it'll be off to the editor. Then, I'll edit it myself twenty-six more times, formatting etc etc. It'll be out in early 2023.

Here's the blurb for it:

What if everything you believed about the world was a lie?

Ephraim and Gwen have to face this possibility as they struggle to correct seemingly nefarious and nonstop variations to their timeline.

Gwen Navarro has come back to life in so many ways now that she is a time traveling agent with the FBI’s black op, the Transtemporal Agency. Together with her new found love, Ephraim, she is determined to keep the timeline safe. Ephraim is thriving in his work and his relationship with Gwen, while carefully keeping his own demons in the past. Everything seems to be going perfectly. However, things get complicated when the timeline starts to shift. Extra people keep appearing, and others disappear entirely. The team can’t keep up with the constant flux.

Without any real clues, or tangible evidence, Ephraim and Gwen set out to discover the cause of the variations to the timeline. But when they are separated by time and space, their work and their love are threatened. How can they fix the variations when they aren’t even in the same place at the same time?

Roaring through the timeline, the second installment of Gwen and Ephraim’s story comes full circle. They must work with the TA agents to try and fix the variations before the timeline disappears altogether, taking them and everyone they love with it.

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