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Hi friends, thanks for stopping by. I'm Morgan. I'm many things, and wear many hats. One of my favorites is that of "writer." I don't know how to not write, so I just do. Sometimes it's REALLY GOOD and other times, not so much. 

Another hat I wear proudly is that of "Mom." My husband, Derek, (been married 20 years...) and I have seven children. Yep, seven. I made them all myself. The kids are Henry (17), Spencer (15), Oliver (14), Ezra (12), Miriam (10), Freddy (8) and Beatrice (6). They are the most amazing, frustrating parts of my day and life. I love them so much it makes my heart ache. I also want to shake them and make them explain why they felt compelled to turn a pair of scissors into throwing knives that are now embedded in the bathroom wall. 

I also have a masters in Public Administration and wear my work hat at my day job for the government. I love my job, and feel like it has an impact, which is really important to me. This job means I can't talk about a lot of things that I would like, such as politics and social justice. It's frustrating at times. Just know, it's not complicity that causes my silence. It's my job, and I have to believe that the impact I have at work is greater than any online debate I might wish to engage in. 

I am a pretty simple creature. This hat is warm and cozy. I like fuzzy things like warm blankets, hoodies, my cats and dogs. I don't like being too cold, which I always am. I love  tea and toast. Pumpkin patches and Christmas lights. I love music, and play the piano relatively well. I also sing in a choir on Thursday nights. It's a sliver of joy for me. 

I have a TBI, and it causes chronic migraines, which for many years seriously inhibited my quality of life. But now, I have an awesome team of doctors, and really powerful meds that make me happy. It's not perfect, but it's better. Chronic illness and pain are not fun. I hate this hat. It hurts. 

I'm really glad we found each other. If you haven't, sign up for my email list. I like to stay in touch that way! You can do it on the contact me page. :) 

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My Writings

I write lots of things. I know people are supposed to pick a niche in this day and age. But you know what? I'm not a commodity, nor am I a brand. I'm just me. I don't want to limit myself or pigeon-hole what I create just so the "gods of marketing" or whatever deem it acceptable. You're going to get humor, real life, pain, joy, sadness.


I have a nonfiction work that was published in 2019. It was about faith and grace. Now, I don't talk about that much at all, if ever.  Instead, I'm writing fiction these days for publishing, and my nonfiction is on the blog. 


I dunno. I am an ever-changing creature. Every time I've ever tried to "brand" myself or my work, it winds up feeling too much like WORK, and so I abandon ship. What I really want to do is write stories. 

I reserve the right to change. I will write fantasy, science fiction, women's fictions, chick lit, cozy romance. Whatever I want! And if you like it, you should read it. If it's a miss for you, I hope you'll stick around. 

I have several (years old) articles floating around the web from my days as a freelance writer, so maybe you'll stumble upon those. Who knows? I just believe that to write is to create. And creation makes me feel the most like *me*. I love that in this day and age, sharing *me* is so easy to do. It's also scary, because baring your soul to the world feels like you're asking for pain. 

All that is to say, every book you'll ever read was written by someone, from their own brain, heart and experiences. You don't have LOVE it all, but I do think kindness matters. Just be kind. 

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