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Book Release!

Friends, this space has been so quiet lately. For a long while actually. I was working on getting another project on the ground, waiting to hear back from the publisher about the book, etc. Then we got the bomb dropped that our family was being relocated for Derek's work. Oh my goodness. My whole life became literally getting the house and people ready for a cross-country move.

Now, Derek is in New Hampshire, and the kids and I are in Utah, awaiting the house selling. Soon, hopefully before summer, we will be in a new house here, all togther as a family.

So, here I am!

I'm back to work, and loving it. I missed my self in all the months of working on the house.

To that end, I'm so pleased to announce that PRACTICING PERFECTION will be releassed in early 2019. I am thrilled! It's finally time!

Stay tuned for the exact release dates, plus the invitation to be an advanced reader, and receive a copy for FREE in exchange for an honest Amazon review. It's going to be great!

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